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toe separators

toe separators

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The goal of separators is to return the natural shape , strength and functionality of the feet through their use in more dynamic activities.

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Product description

Toe separators are very simple devices that have 5 dividing septa designed to insert the five toes between them, although they are completely modifiable.

The objective of the separators is to restore the natural shape, strength and functionality of the feet through their use in more dynamic activities.

Not all separators are the same in material, size, shape. Our separators are made with SEBS. They are elastic but we have tried to make their fit as little compressive as possible. In this way they adapt ergonomically to the shape of your foot while you practice any physical activity, but without hurting you.

Wear them when you go to play sports, when you go for a walk, when you need freedom in your fingers but also support.

Choose the size that best suits your foot and start enjoying its benefits.

- The small size is suitable for small and/or narrow feet. They could range from children's sizes up to a size 37 as long as the foot is small.

- The large size is the standard size, designed to fit most feet. It is true that in small and narrow feet, it can cause a painful interdigital separation (that is why the small size exists).

How long should toe separators be worn? How are toe separators used? How are toe separators placed? What are the benefits of toe separators? We explain everything in the drop-down menus below.

Benefits of its use

Improved Posture during Sports

By wearing toe separators, proper alignment of the toes and feet is encouraged, which can contribute to better posture during sports. Correct posture not only helps prevent injuries, but also optimizes performance.

Improved Stability and Balance

Toe separators can help improve stability and balance by allowing the toes to be positioned more naturally. This is especially beneficial in sports that require quick changes of direction or precise movements. Wearing toe separators can contribute to better walking posture. By keeping your toes properly aligned, they help distribute weight evenly on your feet, which can prevent knee, back, and neck problems.

Relief of pain and muscle tension in the feet.

Toe separators can contribute to the overall health of your feet. By separating the toes, they prevent the formation of bunions and deformities, help prevent the formation of calluses between the toes, and encourage the natural mobility of your feet.

Optimal Barefoot Experience

For those looking for a complete barefoot walking experience, toe separators are an essential addition. They allow you to feel the freedom and naturalness of your movements to the maximum.

Helps relieve pain in toes

Tips for use

Toe separators, like any element related to the barefoot world, require a transition period. It is normal that you may feel discomfort in your fingers the first few times of use. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, fibers are working in a very different position than before. Start by using them for a short time (5/10 mins) and increase the time as you feel that having them on is no longer uncomfortable.

To start using them, it is as simple as inserting your toes between each of the gaps in the separator as shown in the image in the product description.

If you have enough space between your thumb and ring toe, the separator may be bringing them together instead of separating your toes. In this case we recommend cutting this first fastening. In the same way that if you feel the elastic band is putting too much pressure on your little finger, you can cut it.

Use them in your training, walks, races or dynamic activities, but never with a shoe with a narrow toe.

They can be washed with warm/hot water and daily cleaning products. We recommend letting them air dry and, once dry, covering them with talcum powder to help with placement.

Differences between toe separators and spacers

In this post we tell you the differences between separators and toe spacers.