Barefoot Footwear

Barefoot Footwear

Our casual barefoot sneaker model, a light, flexible, drop-free and very wearable minimalist sneaker, so it can accompany you in your daily life.

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zapatilla barefoot para entrenamiento

socks shoes

Roots Minimal

Hybrid between a shoe and a sock that will take your barefoot experience to the maximum, transforming your feet into shoes. Experience the freedom of walking in your "barefoot shoes."

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separadores de dedos

toe separators

Root Care

Everything you need to strengthen your feet and return them to their maximum functionality. Contributes to relieving pain and muscle tension in your feet.

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calcetines cinco dedos

Socks With fingers

Roots Socks

5-finger socks to give your fingers the freedom they need. Enjoy a unique experience walking with your toe socks.

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