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According to the latest studies, 70% of the Spanish population experiences some type of foot ailment such as bunions, claw toes, hammer toes or Morton's neuromas.

Help your feet with these tools that help relieve, improve or prevent pain. Help your feet strengthen their muscles and recover their functionality.

These tools are not magic bullets on their own, but are complements to a comprehensive recovery approach. Their effectiveness is enhanced when they are integrated into a routine that includes specific exercises and the use of barefoot shoes. These tools can help maintain proper alignment and prevent deformities, but their success depends on their application in conjunction with practices that promote strength, flexibility and mobility. The incorporation of exercises designed to strengthen the muscles of the foot and the use of minimalist footwear, such as barefoot, which promotes a more natural gait, maximizes the benefits of these tools by addressing the root of the problem and promoting a comprehensive and sustainable recovery.

It is important that you make a good transition to avoid injuries and discomfort. You can consult our user manual for more information.

How to use these tools?

Access the user manual for each of the above products and understand how to use them, how to make a good transition and how to maintain them.