¿Cómo surgió ROOTS?

How did ROOTS come about?

More than a brand, it is a love story for health

Behind ROOTS there is more than a brand; There is a love story for health, nature and happy feet. We are a couple from Madrid who share a deep passion for barefoot footwear and its transformative impact on our lives.

Years ago, before giving life to ROOTS , we decided to explore the world of barefoot footwear. We discovered its benefits on the health of our feet and, even more importantly, on our general health. It was a before and after in our lives and we wanted to find a way to reach more people.

We wanted to spread our philosophy to family and friends

We start by encouraging our friends and family to take the first step towards barefoot. One after another, we watched as they experienced improved well-being, greater comfort while walking and, above all, a deeper understanding of their body and how it was designed to move freely.

However, our desire to share these benefits did not stop there. We wanted to go further and make barefoot and foot care accessible to everyone . This is how the idea of ​​ROOTS was born, an online store where each person can take that important first step towards a healthier life in tune with nature.

The choice of the word "ROOTS" for our brand of barefoot footwear comes from English and means "Roots" because foot care is similar to the roots of a tree. Just as the roots are the base that nourishes and supports the tree, our feet are our roots, and incredibly our general well-being depends on their health. Just as roots allow a tree to grow in harmony with nature, ROOTS connects you to the essence of your health and well-being , strengthening your foundation and allowing you to grow in harmony with nature.

Our mission is simple: Offer high-quality barefoot footwear and foot care tools at affordable prices.

We believe that you all deserve to experience the freedom of walking without restrictions and feeling the connection to the earth through your feet, without cost being a barrier.

Every product we offer at ROOTS is designed with purpose, from our barefoot shoes to our foot care tools. We work tirelessly on research and development to ensure that our products not only meet the highest quality standards, but are also accessible to everyone.

The road has not been easy, launching this project takes many hours of dedication, many meetings, many potholes, many obstacles that have been overcome.

We look to the future with enthusiasm and gratitude. With every pair of ROOTS shoes we ship, with every pair of separators, we know we're helping someone take a step toward a healthier, more balanced life.

Do you want to know our products?

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