Discover Roots Freedom:

Barefoot Footwear - Freedom and Health of your feet

Are you looking for footwear that offers maximum freedom and
improve the health of your feet? Roots Freedom are your best option. This new
barefoot sneaker model is more versatile than ever, combining the best in
anatomical design and highly durable materials.

Roots Freedom Key Features

  • Anatomical design and wide toe
  • Zero drop sole
  • Maximum versatility
  • High durability materials

With the Roots Freedom, you will experience a shoe that seeks to improve the health of your feet. The anatomical toe and flexible zero-drop sole allow your feet to function correctly and naturally, which can prevent injuries, discomfort and improve your performance.

Why choose Roots Freedom?

Total freedom for your feet :

Enjoy a feeling of freedom and flexibility like no other.

Quality and Durability :

Designed to resist, without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

Health for your Feet :

Helps keep your feet strong, functional and healthy.