¿Qué separadores de dedos debería elegir?

Which Toe Separators Should You Choose?

Are all toe separators the same?

Toe separators and spacers can be a great tool to regain the normal anatomy and functionality of your foot.
But are you sure you are using the right tools?

What matters when choosing toe separators or spacers

Let's talk about what is important when choosing toe separators or toe spacers .

There are different models available in the market. Some are made of softer materials (spacers), while others are made of firmer materials like hard silicone (spacers).

Both options are good depending on where and how you want to use them, but there are some things you should keep in mind in either option and we tell you about them here:

1. Always make sure your toe separators/spacers are the correct size: check your size by measuring your foot on a piece of paper or using printable templates.

2. They must center the axis of the fingers with the axis of the metatarsals . The fingers should not be too close together or too far apart.

3. Use toe separators/spacers with adjustable spacing. This way you can easily widen the opening between the big toe and little finger and easily progress the distance between the fingers by adding additional wedges inside the opening, until you reach the optimal position.

4. Use dermatologically tested materials for medical use that can be sanitized often.

Toe separators and spacers are a great tool for restoring the function of our feet, just pay attention to investing in a quality pair.

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