¿Sabías qué...naciste con los pies perfectos?

Did you know...you were born with perfect feet?

Surely not, neither you nor anyone...

We came into this world perfectly designed…

From the moment we come into this world, our bodies are perfectly designed to achieve maximum functionality and adaptability to the environment. A clear example of this amazing perfection is found in our feet. When we are born, our feet are perfectly free, flexible, mobile, ready to take on the challenge of exploring the world around us.

In the opening chapter of our lives, our feet are our epicenter of freedom, functionality and information. With separated toes and flexible muscles, our feet are designed to move with agility and stability. This natural shape allows the toes to grip the ground, providing solid support and inherent balance. For a small child to walk barefoot is essential for their development, since they will experience tactile and sensory sensations that will have a great impact on their cognitive development.

roots barefoot bare feet healthy feet

Our culture condemns us to foot pain

As we grow, the world around us begins to exert its influence. We are taught that shoes are essential to protect our feet from the hardness of the ground, protect them from the environment and keep them clean. When we start wearing conventional shoes, the shape of our feet gradually changes. Fingers crowd, arches weaken, and our connection to the earth slowly fades. The problem is that this starts earlier every time. It is easy to see babies on the street with their feet imprisoned in small shoes that big footwear brands have made a necessity. Increasingly narrower, increasingly heavier.

And there begins the path towards the unnatural: trapped feet, sore feet, foot problems...

This change in the body's stage of maximum growth and development may have a significant impact on the form and function of our feet in the not-too-distant future.

Do you know which toe separators to choose?

Decreased finger mobility and loss of sensation can lead to a range of problems, from poor balance to deformities and pain. This silent change often goes unnoticed and as if that were not enough our culture is established as a unique way of thinking. What results is: oppressed feet in a society that does not let them breathe.

Barefoot, the trend of healthy feet is here to stay

However, the search for an alternative has arrived. The philosophy of barefoot footwear has emerged as a return to the nature and functionality of our feet. By embracing minimalist footwear, designed to allow natural movement and restore the original shape of our feet, we are rediscovering the perfection we were born with. It's a long road, we've been doing the opposite for a long time, but it's never too late to start.

Roots Barefoot Casual Sneakers

Returning to the origin is much more than an internal journey

If you are reading this, it is because you have begun a journey back to your roots, to the heart of the functionality and health of your feet. With ROOTS , this journey becomes a reality. Our barefoot slippers and foot care accessories are meticulously designed to provide comfort and well-being, allowing your feet to regain their original form and function.

By embracing barefoot footwear, we are writing a new chapter in the history of our feet, one where they are perfect again.

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