Benefits and cons of Barefoot footwear from the voice of Doctor Borja Bandera

Borja Bandera, Doctor specializing in endocrinology and nutrition, talks about the pros and cons of barefoot footwear

Borja Bandera Merchán , Malagueño, doctor specializing in Endocrinology and Nutrition, doctoral student in Medicine, researcher in the areas of Metabolism and Nutrition and Creator of Online Content. He began his career in Medicine in 2010 and, as he progressed through his career, he felt that something important was missing. I was learning a lot about illness, but little about health.

The importance of taking care of your health to prevent illness

She decided to create her first blog, Empoderamiento por Bandera, to educate people on how to improve their health. And currently, he is one of the most influential online content creators in Spanish in the health niche.

In this video that we bring to the blog, he explains in a brief and accessible way the benefits of wearing barefoot shoes and how it can improve the health of the feet and body in general. These benefits are supported by scientific studies and population data.

How to choose barefoot footwear?

In the video, he explains how to choose the right barefoot shoes and how to gradually adapt to them.

If you are starting to know and hear about barefoot, we recommend that you watch this video, which is a good introduction to the world of barefoot footwear.

Our Testimonial Turned into Roots Barefoot Target

We have been benefiting from this lifestyle for a long time and it is the main reason for ROOTS, to bring all this to you.

That is why we chose this project, because we have been using barefoot footwear for years and we have noticed the benefits of it on our health.

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