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Alignment Band

Alignment Band

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Exercising the big toe is crucial for improving stability and balance, distributing weight evenly, and preventing common injuries like bunions. Push-up exercises with this band will help strengthen your muscles.

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Product description

Your help to correct bunions.

Recover the natural alignment of your feet with our aligner band. The thumb plays a crucial role in your daily movement and is the great forgotten part of your health.

Regular use of the aligner band can help prevent misalignments in your toes or prevent the progression of the most typical deformity, the bunion. You will notice how your thumb gains functionality much faster than if you only used separators or spacers.

With an ergonomic design and high-quality materials, this band offers maximum comfort when performing alignment exercises. The material used minimizes any possibility of irritation, giving you discomfort-free rehabilitation.

Are aligner bands effective? What benefits do they have? How long do you have to wear them to correct bunions? How to place them? We tell you everything in the drop-down menus below.

Benefits of its use

Recovers the natural alignment of the foot

By using the aligner band you will be able to return the thumb to its natural anatomical position. Improves pain caused by prolonged use of narrow-toed footwear (bunions, Hallux Valgus, calluses, thumb bursitis, etc.)

Improves balance

By aligning your foot with its natural shape you will improve the body's support base, achieving better balance.

Improve your performance

The thumb takes center stage in multiple movements that we perform in our daily lives. If it is not working as your body expects, decompensations and pain associated with them could appear. Exercises performed with this aligner band can help relieve pain in the big toe.

Improves blood circulation

The aligner band stimulates the muscle causing greater blood flow, and by returning your fingers to their natural shape you will improve blood flow to them.

Soft and gentle material for your skin

The sponge-like fabric will help you avoid the pain that other rubber-like materials can cause to your skin. Additionally, this material is easy to wash and very durable.

Tips for use

To get the most out of the aligner band, we recommend doing it accompanied by a routine of foot mobility exercises, not just the thumb.

Bunions can be corrected with exercise and treatment - Consult your specialist

Start by placing your thumbs inside each end of the band and then progressively separate your feet until you feel some tension between your toes.

Try doing lifts, extensions, shrugs, etc. This will make the muscles in your feet work and get stronger. You may also be correcting certain deviations. Ask your trusted specialist what exercises you can do.

*During the adaptation process you may feel discomfort, but you should never feel pain. If so, stop the exercise immediately.

  • Give a new focus to your activities

    Discovering again the capabilities of your feet, and the sensations that you can experience through them will make you enjoy your daily activities like never before.

  • Avoid compensations that cause pain

    By recovering the correct functionality of the base of your body, you will recover the correct alignment of the entire chain of elements that it forms.

  • Enjoy your favorite activities for hours

    Enjoy your favorite activities again for hours without fear of bunion pain or foot pain.