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massage ball

massage ball

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Using this ball helps strengthen foot muscles, improve blood circulation and relieve accumulated tension. Using it regularly can improve the flexibility and functionality of your foot muscles as a whole.

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Product description

Massage ball: Release tension and relieve foot pain

Release the tension accumulated in your feet and elevate your well-being with our Relaxing Massage Ball.

Designed compact to be able to exert real pressure on your feet, with 2mm rounded spikes they will reach those tension points to relieve them without causing damage.

This versatile tool relieves trigger point pain , improves circulation , and helps reduce the pain of your tired feet . Its portable design allows you to carry it anytime, anywhere. Strengthen your feet, accelerate muscle recovery and experience the sensation of super functional feet.

What can I do to relax my feet? Why is it better than a tennis ball? How do I start using it? We tell you everything in the drop-down menus below.

Benefits of its use

Relief from Stress and Tension

Our massage ball is a perfect ally to release the stress and tension accumulated in your feet. Foot reflexology is a therapeutic technique based on the stimulation of points on the feet, called reflex zones.

Improves blood circulation

Using the massage ball regularly can improve blood circulation in your feet. This promotes greater tissue oxygenation and helps relieve feelings of heaviness.

Reduction of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can be a persistent discomfort where our massage ball can help. Gently massaging the bottom of your foot with the ball can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain associated with this condition.

Facilitates Muscle Recovery

If you play sports or have an intense exercise routine, the massage ball can be your best friend. Use it to massage your feet after a workout to help relax muscles and speed recovery.

Portable and Easy to Use

Our massage ball is portable and easy to use anywhere. It is an essential complement to your foot care. Take it with you in your gym bag or use it in the comfort of your home. Add it to your routine and enjoy more relaxed and healthy feet.

Tips for use

The massage ball is a very necessary element to make the transition to the barefoot world as pleasant as possible. It will unload your feet and prepare you to continue.

Whether you are starting to transition with your barefoot shoes and you notice how your feet get tired when walking, or if you have been doing long walks, demanding workouts for a while and you notice your feet are tired, this ball will be your great ally.

To begin using the massage ball, we recommend doing it sitting down so as not to perform
excess pressure on the foot. Start by sliding the ball over the entire sole of your foot, from toes to heel, with little pressure. As your feet get stronger you can progress by standing up and leaning on a table so that the pressure is greater. It is important to make a slow transition that allows the tissues of the foot to adapt to the new sensations.

*You may feel discomfort when working on the most stressed areas, but never pain. If you feel pain, stop the exercise.

  • Explore different terrains

    By training your feet and exposing them to new sensations, you will be able to explore new terrain that once seemed too uncomfortable to you.

  • Improve your workouts

    The feet are the foundation of the body, strong feet will help you better transmit force to the ground and avoid injuries.

  • Enjoy without pain

    Being able to enjoy any activity without fear of possible pain. Your feet and body will be prepared for everything you throw at them.