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Roots Minimal Beige

Roots Minimal Beige

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They combine the comfort of a sock with the protection of a minimalist shoe. These sneakers fit perfectly to the foot, providing a feeling of freedom and naturalness. Its flexible and non-slip sole allows a greater connection with the ground, promoting a more natural and healthy footprint.

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Feel your bare feet, walk with Barefoot

With Roots Minimal you will feel like you are going barefoot. They are flexible and light (average weight per pair: ≤ 240g), drop-free and completely foldable. They are designed to provide protection but allow your feet to move freely, respecting their natural locomotion pattern. The thin and flexible sole allows maximum mobility and tactile sensation, receiving all the information from your environment.

Barfeoot beige sock sneakers

Remember that the choice to use barefoot shoes in everyday situations will depend on your personal comfort and needs. Additionally, it is important to gradually adapt to this type of footwear if you are not used to it. Without an adequate transition, pain may appear.

Maintenance and cleaning


To keep your shoes in optimal condition, it is recommended to clean them by hand:

  • Fill a container with cold or warm water, no higher than 45ºC.
  • Submerge the shoes in the water and rub them gently with your hands to remove dirt and stains. Use regular soap but never bleach.
  • Rinse the shoes well with clean water to remove any soap or detergent residue.

They can also be put in the washing machine, using a gentle program, cold or warm water and putting the sneakers in a delicate garment washing mesh. Add a mild detergent if necessary.

After cleaning, let the sneakers air dry in a ventilated place. Never put the MINIMAL in the dryer.

Regular maintenance

  • After each use, gently shake the shoes to remove any surface dirt.
  • If the sneakers are especially dirty, you can gently wipe them with a damp cloth or soft sponge.
  • Avoid using hard brushes or harsh chemicals, as they could damage the materials.
  • Let the shoes air dry in a well-ventilated place, away from direct heat sources.

Barefoot in its purest form

In the gym

These "sock shoes" are perfect to accompany you in strength exercises, free weights, CrossFit or functional training as they provide stability and allow a full range of motion. For activities that promote mindfulness, such as yoga, tai chi, or moving meditation, they facilitate a deeper connection with the body and environment.

Travel with your socks shoes

Using the Roots Minimal during your travels is comfortable and versatile. Its lightweight and flexible design allows for a natural, unrestricted walking experience, ideal for exploring new destinations in complete comfort. In addition, these slip-on sneakers can be folded so that they barely take up space in your luggage.

Walk without restrictions, walk barefoot

Roots Minimal not only makes sense for sports. You can wear them for any daily activity, even walking around the house since, unlike normal socks, Roots Minimal do not compress the toes and provide a completely barefoot feeling. They are completely foldable, easy to put on and take off, elastic and easily washable.