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Five finger socks

Five finger socks

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Five-finger socks are designed to separate the toes, imitating the natural anatomy of the foot. This allows the toes to move more independently and comfortably, similar to how they would without socks.

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Maximum comfort

Its design allows each toe to move freely, promoting a natural posture and helping to recover the natural shape of your feet.

No seams that could cause discomfort.

Ankle fit without compression.

Synergy with barefoot footwear

Combine these socks with our barefoot shoes for perfect synergy. Together, they offer a unique experience that enhances the health of your feet.

Complete freedom of movement

Whether at home, in the gym or outdoors, these five-finger socks adapt to any activity. Its breathable and stretchy fabric ensures long-lasting comfort, while its five-finger design improves agility and balance.

5 Additional benefits

  • Better blood circulation
  • Greater ventilation and breathability than conventional socks
  • Reduced risk of blisters and chafing
  • Natural foot alignment
  • They improve balance and grip.

Don't put walls at your feet, put socks with toes