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Barefoot Roots Casual White Sneakers

Barefoot Roots Casual White Sneakers


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Designed for every step of your day

Respectful toe

The anatomical toe of our ROOTS Barfeoot CASUAL shoes is designed to respect the natural shape of your feet, allowing the toes to extend and move freely.

Zero drop sole

Our shoes have zero drop, which means there is no difference in height between the heel and the toe . This encourages a more natural biomechanical alignment , reduces the load on the joints, prevents compensations in other parts of the body and promotes equal support of the foot during walking, thus optimizing posture and comfort.


The sole and structure of these minimalist sneakers are designed to bend and adapt to your every movement. The sole of the Roots Casual is very flexible and thin to allow total mobility of the foot. The use of flexible shoes strengthens the entire muscular network of the extremities, promotes better balance and increases the proprioception capacity of the foot.


We use advanced materials that maintain minimal weight without compromising the durability or support of these shoes. The lightness in minimalist footwear guarantees a natural feeling when walking, reducing fatigue and guaranteeing maximum comfort.

Removable insole

The inclusion of removable soles in barefoot sneakers offers a smoother transition for those accustomed to conventional footwear. This gradual adaptation begins with thicker soles, allowing users to gradually strengthen their feet before removing layers of support. This will help prevent injuries related to abrupt changes in footwear.